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Italy: 4000 beds in 4 Red Cross camps, 600 volunteers and operators, 22 000 meals a day provided

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The Italian Red Cross is running a total of 4 camps in the areas hit by the earthquake, in Assergi, in San Gregorio, in Collemaggio and in Centicolella... The beds available are about 4000. A fifth camp is used to accommodate ItRC staff active in the disaster zone. More than 600 volunteers and operators of the Italian Red Cross are working in the areas hit by the earthquake. There are now 5 soup kitchens run by the Italian Red Cross in the areas hit by the earthquake in Abruzzo, providing a total of 22.000 meals a day.

The first, in L'Aquila provides 7000 meals a day working with 20 ItRC humanitarian operators and another 50 ItRC volunteers. The second, in San Gregorio, able to provide 3000 meals a day, the third in Collemaggio, 2000 meals a day and the forth in Centicolella, 6000 meals a day. The fifth soup kitchen (4000 meals) which will be operational in the area of Fintec, has arrived with a convoy from Verona together with a base camp for 300 operators, bulldozers and a four wheel drive ambulance.

More than 30 ambulances are operational. The SEP teams for psychological support are active and at present close to the families hit by the tragedy. Three Advanced Medical Posts are operational (II=B0 level A.M.P., teams of volunteer doctors and nurses for medical aid and assistance). Two in L'Aquila, one in Paganica with 2 doctors, 10 logistic staff and 3 nurses; in addition 2 triage tents for primary First Aid screening. 10.000 blankets have been distributed.

Furthermore extraordinary aid offered by the Swiss Red Cross has arrived: 200 tents with a 1000 bed capacity and additional 2000 blankets.

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Spokesperson for Francesco Rocca, head of the Italian Red Cross: Tommaso Della Longa +39.320.79.79.485