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UAE holds landmine awareness campaign in Red Sea Coast schools

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RED SEA COAST, 14th March, 2019 (WAM) -- The UAE's Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has launched an awareness campaign on the dangers of landmines to students across various schools in Yemen's Red Sea Coast Region.

The campaign seeks to educate school children at Al Zahra School for Girls and Al Ittihad School for Boys on how to correctly identify, avoid and report landmines as well as suspected improvised explosive devices, IEDs, so as to prevent further casualties.

The two-day campaign includes awareness lectures, infographics and maps covering the types and landmines and IEDs, and risks and indiscriminate damages and injury caused by these explosive devices. It also informs students of warning signs to identify high-risk areas and relayed ways on how to report to the authorities concerned who can then safely dispose of the landmines.

A representative from the ERC situated in Yemen's Red Sea Coast region explained that the campaign seeks to raise awareness of school-going children so that they avoid high-risk areas containing landmines and IEDs previously planted by Houthi militias. The representative explained that the campaign will be carried out for a further ten days across liberated directorates in the Red Sea Coast region.