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ICRC Humanitarian Law & Policy blog: Teaching international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip: A success story amid complexities

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Samer Mousa

In the past few years, despite the difficult prevailing conditions, there has been a paradigm shift in how international humanitarian law (IHL) has been taught and disseminated in the Gaza Strip. During this period there has been a twelve-year closure that has affected all aspects of civilian life. Alongside this, the Gaza Strip has witnessed three large-scale military operations that killed hundreds of Gazans and destroyed numerous civilian objects.These conditions could have easily shaken the confidence of Palestinians in this body of law and therefore hindered efforts to teach IHL. However, we have seen the complete opposite happen. Instead of losing their faith in IHL and becoming extremists about the effectiveness of this body of law, its mechanisms and its means of implementation, university students have become passionate and curious about IHL.

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