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Starting from water on the road to reconstruction in central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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In February 2019, the TaiwanICDF launched the Central Sulawesi Earthquake WASH Support Program (Indonesia) to provide earthquake-stricken Central Sulawesi province with humanitarian assistance, to help victims obtain clean drinking water and improve sanitation so they can rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

On September 28, 2018, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck Central Sulawesi, also triggering a devastating tsunami. More than 2,000 people are known to have died and more than 1,300 people are still missing. Sigi District was one of the hardest hit areas; most of the water supply systems and more than 54 percent of houses were damaged by the earthquake, causing a water supply crisis. In addition, the lack of appropriate toilets led to an increase of open defecation practices and sanitation problems. To meet the basic water and sanitation needs in the disaster-affected households, the TaiwanICDF and Mercy Corps cooperated to implement a nine-month project in three sub-districts in Sigi. The project will construct or rehabilitate clean water sources/sites, provide filtration equipment for potable water, construct communal latrines and improve community awareness of water usage, personal hygiene and sanitation. Approximately 1,000 earthquake-affected households will directly benefit from the project.

The TaiwanICDF will dispatch volunteers to participate in the project, sharing Taiwan's expertise in this sector to further enhance the exchanges between the two sides. This will reinforce Taiwan’s visibility in international aid while also responding to the people-oriented approach of the New Southbound Policy.