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Epidemiological Update - Dengue - 22 February 2019

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Situation summary in the Americas

In the Region of the Americas, between epidemiological week (EW) 1 and EW 52 of 2018, a total of 560,586 cases of dengue were reported (incidence rate of 57.3 cases per 100,000 population), including 336 deaths. Of the total cases, 209,192 (37.3%) were laboratoryconfirmed and 3,535 (0.63%) were classified as severe dengue. Cases reported in 2018 were higher than the total reported in 2017 but lower than the historical average reported in the previous 11 years (2006-2016) (Figure 1). Similarly, the proportion of cases of severe dengue and dengue with warning signs reported in 2018 was higher than the previous two years, but lower than the preceding ten years, and it remains below 1% which was reached in 2015.
In Figure 2, the historical trend in incidence rates by sub-region is shown, with the Southern Cone presenting with the highest rates followed by the Central American Isthmus and Mexico.
In 2018, 16 countries and territories in the Americas reported an increase in cases nationally or in some areas of the country (compared to the same period in 2017): Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guadeloupe, Guyana,
Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Paraguay, Saint Martin, and Venezuela.
In the first six weeks of 2019 in the Region of the Americas, there were 99,998 dengue cases reported (incidence rate of 10.2 per 100,000 population), including 28 deaths. Of the cases reported, 25,333 were laboratory-confirmed and 632 were classified as severe dengue (0.63%).
The four dengue virus serotypes (DENV 1, DENV 2, DENV 3, and DENV 4) are circulating in the Americas, and are circulating simultaneously in several countries. The number of countries and/or territories with simultaneous co-circulation of two or more dengue virus serotypes has increased in the past 20 years (Figure 3), which has increased the risk of severe dengue as well as outbreaks in the Americas Region.
Brazil, Guatemala, and Mexico have reported co-circulation of all four dengue virus serotypes. Other countries, such as Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras, and Venezuela have reported co-circulation of serotypes DENV 1, DENV 2, and DENV 3. Four countries reported co- circulation of two serotypes: Costa Rica and Panama (DENV 1 and DENV 2), Paraguay (DENV 1 and DENV 4), and Peru (DENV 2 and DENV 4). In the countries and territories of the Caribbean, the circulation of serotypes DENV 1 and DENV 3 has been reported.