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Iraq: iMMAP-IHF Humanitarian Access Response: Weekly Explosive Incidents Flash News (14 - 20 February 2019)

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Ninewa Governorate

Security Forces
15 February 2019

● According to intelligence information they were able to arrest 4 ISIS members in Ba’aj district west of Mosul.

15 February 2019

● Attacked Taya village west of Qayyara district, a woman was killed during the attack. Worth noting that ISIS occasionally carry out attacks on the security areas from the governorates that was under control of ISIS formerly.

Civil Defense
16 February 2019

● Pulled out 7 corpses under the rubble in Mosul Al-Qadimah area, the corpses belong to men and women who were killed during the liberation of Mosul city.

Popular Mobilization Forces
16 February 2019

● Conducted a search operation in Kanhash village in Namrood sub-district, the operation resulted in clearing 65 IEDs, unexploded war remnants, anti-armored IEDs and Jahannam cannon.

Security Forces
17 February 2019

● Cleared a booby-trapped vehicle that has been driven by a suicide near Badush west of Mosul, worth noting that the security forces carry out operations to eliminate inactive ISIS cells in the remote areas in the governorate.

An Armed Group
18 February 2019

● One member of PMF was killed by an IED explosion while he was trying to clear it in Jaber military point.