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Pakistan Drought: Situation Updates Balochistan, Sitrep 3, Alert Level Orange - II

Muslim Aid
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Highlights of Issues and Achievements

Below is the key development of the situation during the reporting period.

• On 15 February, PDMA called General Coordination Meeting in Quetta in which UNOCHA formally announced the establishment of working groups in Quetta. PDMA welcomes international organizations and donor agencies to work in drought-affected areas of Balochistan after getting NOC from PDMA.

• MA has conducted an initial rapid need assessment in three districts of Balochistan. The report has been shared with multiple donor organizations.

• MA emergency response team has conducted meetings with Head of World Food Programme Balochistan, Head of World Health Organization Balochistan, Regional Director Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) and Health Department of Balochistan.

• MA team has also conducted meetings with multiple NGOs/INGOs including Islamic Relief,
HANDs, WaterAid, PPAF, Balochistan Rural Support Programme, Rural Support Programme Network, HHRD, NHN and Chagai Ewan-e-Saqafat (local NGO).

• MA has conducted a meeting with Additional Divisional Commissioner of District Chagai,
Assistant Director Livestock Chagai to assess the damages.

• MA has completed the beneficiary identification and verification with the support of local IP to support 1000 families in District Chagai for the provision of dry-food distribution and fodder for animals.

• MA conducted a meeting with Deputy Director of OFDA Rapid Fund Team regarding Baluchistan drought response. It was also discussed key priority districts for RAPID RESPONSE upcoming call.
OFDA team are also planning a rapid visit to Baluchistan and Sindh- they requested MA to facilitate in Baluchistan for organizing meeting with PDMA, NGOs/INGOs