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Iraq: iMMAP-IHF Humanitarian Access Response: Weekly Explosive Incidents Flash News (7-13 February 2019)

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Ninewa Governorate

Security Forces 7 February 2019

● Shot and killed a civilian in Bazwaya village, immediately after the incident they fled to an unknown destination.

Security Forces 8 February 2019

● They cleared a weapon cache in Al-Shora area, the cache contained 3 Bazooka launchers and 3 locally made missiles. In Hamam Alil camp, the security forces could capture a terrorist who was among the displaced people. Worth noting that the captured terrorist fought against the Iraqi Security Forces before the liberation process starts in Ninewa governorate.

Popular Mobilization Forces 10 February 2019

● Ambushed an ISIS group in Ba’aj district and kill 2 members and arrested 3 others one is a woman. The group was behind most of the terrorist actions and plan to carry out suicide attacks.

Security Forces 13 February 2019

● Carried out a search operation in Sheikh Younis and Bakhira mountains, they were able to destroy a number of tunnels and kill 4 ISIS members who hid themselves inside a tunnel. Worth mentioning that a terrorist blew up himself while the ISFs besieged a tunnel.

Analysis: During the past week, the rate of arresting terrorist has increased, still a lot number of corpses are left under the rubbish of destructions. The ISIS poses a serious threat, as spreading dozens of militants in villages near the city of Mosul. Ninewa deputies in the Iraqi parliament and city officials appealed to the Iraqi prime minister to send more troops to Mosul, stressing that threats are serious.

Anbar Governorate

Security Forces 7 February 2019

● They were able to clear 34 explosion rulers, 8 metal gallons, and 8 IEDs during the search operation in Kilo 7 area. They also cleared 70 IEDs in Albu Di’lij area.

● Arrested 5 persons accused of terrorism in Al-Mal’ab area/ 60m street.

Security Forces 10 February 2019

● Cleared 300 IEDs, explosion rulers, missiles and explosive belts belonged to ISIS.
● Cleared 77 IEDs belonged to ISIS in Falluja city.

Analysis: Although the ISIS has suffered a military defeat in Iraq, the threat from the extremist group is still present in the country as there is a huge infiltration of ISIS came after the start of the operations of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian army to clean up the areas of eastern Syria.