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FAO in the 2019 humanitarian appeal: Burundi - Humanitarian Response Plan 2019

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to assist
546 000 people

FAO requires
USD 6.3 million

January – December 2019

Despite improvements in 2018, acute vulnerabilities in Burundi persist, particularly in areas affected by climate hazards and with a high concentration of displaced people putting pressure on already limited resources. In 2019, there is a high probability of the occurrence of an El Niño-like phenomenon as well as of an influx of refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which could affect the progress made.


FAO is working with partners of the Food Security Cluster to:

• Provide timely food and financial assistance to crisis‑affected people taking into account age and gender vulnerabilities.

• Restore the livelihoods of vulnerable households to ensure their self‑reliance by adopting an environmentally friendly approach and reducing risks related to protection and malnutrition.

• Ensure monitoring, collection and regular production of food security and nutrition data.