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Statement on Super Cereal quality issue

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ROME – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has identified stocks of Super Cereal - a fortified blended food used in its food assistance programmes - that is too low in protein and fat to meet normal specifications. There is no issue with the safety of the product, which is provided by a commercial supplier.

On discovering the problem, WFP commissioned an independent analysis of protein, fat, and micronutrient levels in Super Cereal from the supplier to understand the extent of the quality issue. WFP then initiated an investigation by its Office of the Inspector General to understand whether the quality issue was caused by operational error, negligence, or fraudulent behaviour.

As this investigation is still underway, WFP is not in a position to discuss its findings. Once the investigation is complete, WFP management will decide what action should be taken.

Testing of the product found that while the food fell short of what was specified in WFP’s contract with the company, it still met the World Health Organisation specifications and standards for food assistance and WFP school meals programme use.

The quality issue was first noted in June 2018 while WFP was investigating a localized problem with the condition of some Super Cereal not related to protein/fat levels.

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