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Somalia: Early Warning Alert and Response Network - Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin: Week 3 (14 - 20 January 2019)

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• A total of 411 (89%) health facilities across Somalia submitted weekly report in week 3,

• A total of 9,858 alerts of which 75 were confirmed as true were received in week 3.

Completeness of reporting

• A total of 411 (89%) of 461 active health facilities in EWARN submitted reports while the timeliness of reporting was 64% (Table 1 and Fig 1)

Proportional morbidity

The commonest causes of morbidity among all age groups in week 3, 2019 are respiratory tract infections (Severe Acute Respiratory illness (SARI), Influenza like illness (ILI)). Other commonest causes of morbidity include acute watery diarrhea (AWD), Bloody diarrhea (BD) and other acute diarrhea. (fig 2a,2b and table 2).

Acute Watery Diarrhoea/Cholera updates

• A total of 241 new cases of AWD/Cholera with no death have been reported in sentinel sites across Somalia including Somaliland.

• AWD/Cholera has been controlled in Hiraan, Kismayo (lower Jubba), Lower shabelle and Middle Shabelle regions

Measles updates

• There has been a reduction in the number of measles cases reported following the implementation of measles campaign in 2017 • The number of suspected cases of measles increased from 128 in week 2, to 130 cases in week 3, 2019 (fig 4)

• The most affected districts include; Dharkenley, Heliwa & Marka

Whooping cough (Perusis) update

• The number of suspected cases of whooping cough decreased sharply from 113 cases in week 2, to 76 cases in week 3, 2019.(fig 5).

• Most affected districts include Baidoa, Berdale, Dhusamareb, Hargeisa, & Tiyeglow


• There have been Diphteria cases reported in week 3, 2019

• The number of Diphteria cases increased sharply from zero cases in week 2, to 9 cases in week 3, 2019(fig 6).

• The most affected districts include: Elberde, Qansahdere & Lasanod

Public Health activities implemented during week 3, 2019

• Planning for the implementation of Oral Cholera Vaccination (OCV) is under way

• Planning for the development of cholera strategy was started in Mogadishu