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Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 8 February 2019

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Key figures:

24M people in need

3.9M displaced in the last three years

81% of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) displaced for more than one year

1M IDP returnees

1.2M IDPs given in-kind or cash assistance in 2018


USD 198.6 M required for 2019 operations

USD 38.9 M received as of 6 February 2019

Population movement

As a result of fighting in Hajjah Governorate (north of Al Hudaydah), displacement was recorded from Hajjah towards neighbouring Amran Governorate. On 2 and 3 February, needs assessments by the UNHCR partner, Yemeni Red Crescent (YRC), identified 120 recently displaced families in the districts of Al Qaflah, Al Ashah and Al Madan (all in Amran Governorate). So far, two-thirds of these displaced families (IDPs) have received assistance through the distribution of core relief items (CRIs).

IDP Response

Cash disbursements targeting 3,000 households are ongoing in Ibb and Taizz Governorates (south of Sana’a) and in Sa’ada and Al Jawf Governorates (north).
In Ibb and Taizz, 960 families received cash assistance, either as rental support or as multi-purpose support for particularly vulnerable families. In Sa’ada and Al Jawf, multipurpose cash assistance has so far been distributed to 10 per cent of the 1,163 identified eligible families, while rental subsidies have already reached more than 10 per cent of the planned 943 beneficiary households.
Rehabilitation of a child-friendly space was completed in Aden, as a Quick Impact Project (QIP) to benefit a community of 900 families and 2,500 children. UNHCR’s partner, Nahda Makers Organization (NMO), implemented the QIP to improve facilities at the Childhood Centre, which is in Al Mualla district on the Aden peninsula itself, and which serves children with protection issues. NMO provided new furniture; created a shaded area; made repairs and upgrades to the facilities; and provided latrines, a sanitation network, water supply, and a solar power system.
UNHCR partners distributed over 3,300 CRI and/or emergency shelter kits (ESKs) during the reporting period, working with multiple partner organisations. The majority of distributions are taking place in governorates to the north, west and south of Sana’a, with distributions recently undertaken in Amran, Sa’ada and Al Jawf (north), Al Hudaydah (west), and Dhamar (south). Partners involved in UNHCR’s in-kind distributions include the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), the Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW), the Yemen Alkhair for Relief and Development (YARD), YRC, and the Yemen Development Foundation (YDF).

Durable Solutions

On 29 January, four Eritrean children were resettled to Sweden. The four children were received by Sweden as part of UNHCR’s emergency resettlement programme, which provides a durable solution to a limited number of individuals meeting specific vulnerability criteria.