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Pakistan Drought: Situation Updates - Sindh/Balochistan, Alert Level Orange - II

Muslim Aid
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The Situation

Drought situation trigged in Pakistan when National Disaster Management authority called a one-day workshop to develop an all-inclusive and well-coordinated immediate response plan, work out extent and nature of possible support from UN Agencies and humanitarian actors; and to formulate comprehensive National Strategy based on short, medium- and long-term sector-wise mitigation measures.

Following to this consultation and on direction of Prime Minister of Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) requested to United Nations for complementing the government response efforts in drought situation in Sindh and Balochistan, it has been agreed that there is a need to roll out the coordination structure to ensure a coordinated, harmonized and integrated planning and response to address the immediate humanitarian needs and develop a strategy for mitigation of drought impact in affected areas. Considering this evolving situation on drought and UN agencies and govt response to drought Muslim Aid immediately activated emergency alert- Orange II.

MA Pakistan prepared a Response Plan in consultation with PDMA Balochistan and UNOCHA as a result of the recent Drought that started in October 2018 and triggered at National level by all relevant authorities after the NDMA consultation workshop on drought.

The response plan was generated on 30 January 2019 and will be regularly updated and revised as further information is received from field-based assessments, area-specific risks, vulnerability analysis and mapping. The following information is primarily based on information received from the secondary sources and our partner on the ground. MA Pakistan team and ETF at HQ has declared the category of the disaster as “Orange II”. A National level emergency, with the Government of Pakistan requesting international assistance