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Colombia: Population Movement (MDRCO014) Six-month Report

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Since the start of this operation, the number of people on the move has continued to increase. The Colombian Red Cross Society (CRCS) has faced challenges due to the rapidly changing nature of this population flow, which has led to modifying the fixed health attention units in the border areas to mobile units along the roads where population transit.

This Emergency Appeal, led by the CRCS with the support of the IFRC, implements actions in the areas of focus (AOFs) of shelter; livelihoods and basic needs; health; water, sanitation and hygiene promotion; protection, gender and inclusion; and migration. Within these areas, the National Society currently provides healthcare, restoring family links (RFL) services, distribution of individual food kits, provision of water, bedding material kits and orientation to the population on the move.

During the first six months of this Emergency Appeal, the National Society, has implemented a comprehensive humanitarian operation with an emphasis on health care, including psychosocial (PSS) services. Two fixed Health Care Units (HCU) were equipped in Arauca (Arauca) and Riohacha (La Guajira), reaching 6,644 people between 1 August and 31 October. Bedding material kits (900 units) and food rations (6,000 rations) were distributed. Similarly, as many as 1,788 people were able to restore and maintain contact with their family members. The CRCS and IFRC will continue to implement efficient and effective actions, seeking coordination with other operational actors, to respond to the evolving humanitarian needs of the migrant population. The CRCS also receives additional assistance from the German Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross and ICRC for its migration strategy.

The CRCS and IFRC appreciate the donor response to date. However, the current coverage of this Emergency Appeal remains insufficient to provide all the basic medication in the Health area of focus, implement actions in other AOFs, contribute to National Society development and ensure the required support services. IFRC kindly requests further contributions to this Emergency Appeal to permit the Colombian Red Cross Society to reach its objective of providing at least 120,000 people with comprehensive humanitarian aid.