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Democratic Republic of Congo: Humanitarian needs and financial requirements in Ebola-affected and neighbouring health zones (28 December 2018)

DR Congo
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The map shows the health zones affected by Ebola and its neighbouring health zones. While the Ebola response is financed to almost 100%, there are many unmet humanitarian needs. To respond to the humanitarian needs in the areas highlighted in the map, $ 117,000,000 would be required for the next six months. It would minimise the risks that the Ebola response negatively impacts the humanitarian response and the other way around. The free health care and the jobs created through Ebola have become a pull-factor and risk remaining so as long as the other needs are not met. It will also expose organisations remaining after the end of the Ebola outbreak to risks. The population may perceive an unbalance between the resources deployed for the Ebola response and the many humanitarian needs remaining largely unmet. This could negatively impact the acceptance of humanitarian organisations in the future.

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