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Syria - IDP Situation Monitoring Initiative (ISMI): Monthly Overview of IDP Movements in Northern Syria, November 2018

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Summary of Findings

Communities assessed: 563
Total IDP arrivals: 25,041
Total IDP departures: 44,649

Following the announcement on 17 September of a demilitarised zone (DMZ) to be implemented along the major frontlines of Idleb governorate and surrounding areas, many parts of opposition-held north-west Syria saw reduced levels of displacement in October, compared to the preceding months. With November, however, came a renewal in hostilities between Government of Syria (GoS)- allied forces and armed opposition groups (AOGs) in several parts of the DMZ. These contributed to the 16,417 total IDP arrivals and 35,783 IDP departures reported from assessed communities in Idleb and surrounding areas, many of which were concentrated in Al Ma’ra district. Substantial IDP departure waves were reported in particular from Jarjnaz (12,107) community in Ma’arrat An Nu’man sub-district, driven by aerial bombardments throughout the month.

In parallel, in northern Aleppo governorate, large-scale security operations were conducted in several major cities and urban centres during November, including in Al Bab, Afrin, Azaz and Jarablus. These, combined with ongoing inter-AOG tensions and poor humanitarian conditions reportedly contributed to the 8,624 total IDP arrivals and 8,866 IDP departures across the region.