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Adopting nature-based solutions for flood risk reduction in Latin America

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Key messages:

  • Nature-based solutions provide an opportunity to better integrate the agendas of climate action, disaster risk reduction and biodiversity conservation into a coherent and holistic approach.

  • Ecosystems can provide benefits for flood risk reduction. Nature-based solutions should be part of broader disaster and climate risk management strategies, complementing other measures such as land use planning and built infrastructure.

  • Building back safer and greener promotes resilience in future scenarios that face high levels of risk.

  • Nature-based solutions can offer decentralised mechanisms that are managed by and for communities, and that require collaborative, participatory and multilevel governance across sectors and procedures.

  • Local actors play a leading role in promoting and implementing nature-based solutions. Technical capacity building is critical to enable them to promote the approach.

  • Improved scientific knowledge and effective communication on nature-based solutions has the potential to strengthen decision-making and mobilise resources for implementation.