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Indonesia: Mount Anak Krakatau Eruption and Sunda Strait Tsunami 2018: Information Bulletin 1

Hong Kong Red Cross
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Situation Update

A tsunami with waves of 30-90 cm hit the coast of the Sunda Strait of Indonesia on 22 December 2018 local time in the evening. The districts of Pandeglang, Serang and South Lampung districts are reportedly most affected. Initial prediction from local authorities on the cause of the event could be that a possible underwater landslide due to the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau combined with higher than usual tides due to the full moon.

Government’s figures as of 9am of 24 December 2018 showed that at least 281 people have lost their lives, 1,016 people injured and 57 people missed. At least 611 houses, 69 hotels and 420 ships are damaged. In Pandegland alone, initial reported figures included 207 deaths, 755 injured and many damaged houses. The settlements and tourist sites in the coastal area (for example Tanjung Lesung Beach, Sumur Beach, Teluk Lada Beach, Panimbang Beach, and Carita Beach) have been severely affected.

As of today, the Indonesian Government has not declared emergency status, local authorities are working around the clock on search and rescue on-site despite the challenges of access to some of the blocked areas.

Red Cross Actions

Indonesia Red Cross Society (PMI) has been assisting evacuation and provide medical care right after the Tsunami. As of 23 December 2018 afternoon, PMI also has already distributed 150 blankets, 100 tarpaulins, 40 cleaning kits, 20 shovels, 20 boxes of mineral water andthree body bags. PMI is mobilizing the resources below in response to the emergency operation:

  • 282 staff, 782 volunteers from the Banten provincial chapter

  • 22 ambulances with medical crew

  • 14 water trucks

  • One team of Orthopedic Specialist Doctors

  • Five mobile clinic teams

  • Two helicopters for search and rescue operations

More assistance is being planned and ready through the International Red Cross system should additional resources are required for humanitarian assistance.

Hong Kong Red Cross Actions

Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) is monitoring the latest situation and in close contact with Indonesia Red Cross Society and the International Red Cross for potential support based on detail need assessment.

In addition to the current Tsunami in Sunda Strait, HKRC has recently mobilized HKD 3.7 million in response to the relief and recovery actions for the earthquakes and tsunami in Lombok and Sulawesi from July to October. For details, please refer to these work reports.

General Enquiry

Please call 2802-0016, fax to 2802-0017 or email to

For emergency tracing service enquiries, please click here or call 2507-7135.