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CDERA Situation Report No 1 - Floodings in Guyana

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Continuous and heavy rainfall commenced in Guyana on December 12, 2008. This resulted in flooding in several communities in Region 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, particularly, those communities located on the Coastal Plain and along the, Abary, Mahaica, and Mahaicony rivers.


The Hyrometeorological Division of the Ministry of Agriculture reported that tomorrow January 8, 2009 will be cloudy with occasional showers expected over most of Guyana. Wet conditions are expected during the remaining forecast period January 9-12, 2009 which could cause flooding in low lying areas. Flood Watch and Flood Warning remains in effect for residents along the Coastal Plain and the Abary, Mahaica, and Mahaicony rivers.


Region 2: Although no flooding was reported on the region's coast, the Pomeroon and Charity areas remain flooded.

Region 3: La Jealousie, Winsor Forest, Canals No. 1 & 2 Polders, and Pouderoyen are flooded.

Region 4: Water accumulation remains on the East Coast between Success to Cane Grove. Clearing of the outfall channels at Hope, Greenfield and Victoria is in progress.

Region 5: Overflowing continues in the Abary, Mahaica and Mahaicony rivers. Flooding is reported in Belladrum, Perth Village, Abary Creek, Catherine, Profit, Litchfield, Bath Settlement and Zorg-en-Hoop.

Region 6: Chesney, Number 19 Village, and Black Bush Polder are flooded.


The heavy rains have caused the Abary, Mahaica and Mahaicony Rivers to crest their banks causing flooding in the communities along the rivers.

Residents in affected communities have reported significant losses of crops and livestock. Residents have also reported minor damages to their private property. The total losses has not yet been determined. The total number of persons affected to date is yet to be determined.


The Commission conducted several assessments in the affected communities. Detailed assessments were done in Enterprise, Barefoot, Dazzel Housing Scheme, Hope, Enmore, Dochfour, Mahaica River (Little Biaboo), Wash Cloths, Number 19 Village, Port Mourant, and Black Bush Polder.

Potable water was distributed to residents of Enterprise, Bareroot, Dochfour, Nooten Ziul, Foulis, Hope, Bachelor Adventure and Coldigen.

Both food and sanitation hampers were distributed in the communities affected by the flood. Food and sanitation hampers were distributed to the residents of Dochfour and Victoria Villages. Sanitation hampers were also distributed to residents of Bee Hive, and Greenfield.

The Commission also distributed sanitation hampers to the affected villages in Region 6.

The National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) was activated on Tuesday 06 January 2009.


OXFAM and Guyana Red Cross Society have conducted assessments in several communities along the East Coast, Abary, Mahaica and Mahaicony rivers.

The Guyana Red Cross Society distributed sanitation hampers to the residents of the Bee Hive community.


There have been reports of increased health issues such as itching, skin rashes, diarrhoea, and fever. The Ministry of Health continues to work in the affected communities.


Farmers, especially those in the Abary, Mahaica, and Mahaicony Rivers have reported significant losses to their crops and livestock. The Ministry of Agriculture continues to work in the affected communities.


No mandatory evacuation was conducted however residents in some of the affected communities (especially in the in the Abary, Mahaica, and Mahaicony Rivers) have moved to safer homes.


The Commission has identified the following initial needs:

- Damage Assessments to quantify the extent of the damage and identify needs;

- Relief support to the affected residents; and

- Appropriate mapping of all the affected communities to determine the water level.