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Lebanon: Area-based assessment of targeted neighbourhoods in Saida

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In October 2017, the Government of Lebanon (GoL) estimated that the country hosts 1.5 million Syrians who have fled the conflict in Syria. Coupled with a pre-existing population of Palestine Refugees in Lebanon, these figures represent the highest per capita number of refugees in the world. Saida, in Southern Lebanon represents one such city under significant strain. With an estimated population of 160,000 Lebanese, Saida accommodates a further 33,400 Syrian refugees and approximately 100,000 Palestinian refugees, placing extreme pressure on service provision to support host populations, refugees and migrants.

In partnership with the City of Saida, the AGORA initiative was launched, commencing with an area-based assessment in targeted neighbourhoods within Saida. Building off assessment findings as detailed in this report, and complemented by a ‘who does what where and when’ gathering exercise, AGORA convened local and international stakeholders to identify priority intervention areas, whilst providing technical peer-to-peer support to the Municipality of Saida on solid waste management.