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Syrian Refugee Unit Work Permit Progress Report (November 2018)

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This report was compiled by the Ministry of Labour’s (MOL) Syrian Refugee Unit (SRU) and will provide the following:

  • Total work permits issued to Syrian refugees.

  • Disaggregation of work permits data by gender, type of permit, and location.

  • Camp-specific work permits issuances


  • 3,168WP’s were issued in November 2018,with very significant decrease when compared to last month October 2018 of 4,877 WP’s, but more significantly when compared to November 2017 of 6,038 and last year average of 3,893 WP’s.

  • During November2018, 937 flexibleWP’swere issued in the construction sector under the umbrella of the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions (GFJTU),with total of 19,184 WP’s.

  • 1,617 flexible WP’s were issued in November2018 in the agriculture sector under the umbrella of the cooperatives, with total of45,357WP’s.

  • On June 3, 2018, the Ministry of Labour Issued a circular regarding the Cabinetdecision onexcluding Syrian Refugees working in the manufacturing sector from the reduction of foreign labour percentages reduction under the NEEP.

  • On November 22, 2018, the Council of Ministers issued new instructions related to Home Based and Small Businesses for Syrians. The instruction is mainly focusing on allowing Syrian refugees living outside the camps to register and operate Home Based Businesses in 3 sectors: Food Processing, Handicrafts, and Tailoring, provided that they obtain professional licenses through the Greater Amman Municipality and Ministry of Municipal Affairs, provided that the percentage of Jordanians benefiting from the support given to these works is not less than 70%.

  • A comprehensive Document of instructions and procedures related to the employment of Syrian labour has been published in the Official Gazette in Issue No. 5549 Date of 2/12/2018.

  • The eighth Grace Period for Syrian refugees Work Permits valid until 31 December 2019