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Caribbean countries moving to real time emergency operations system

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Bridgetown, Barbados, December 18, 2008 (CDERA) - Work is moving apace on the development and implementation of a web-based disaster response technology to enhance disaster preparedness and coordinate emergency operations within the Caribbean Region.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) and the United States Southern Command (US SOUTHCOM) Humanitarian Affairs Division, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to forge ahead with a US$1 million Web Emergency Operation Centre (WebEOC) initiative. This emergency operation system has the capacity to connect with multiple users and reach across remote locations and jurisdictions in the CDERA community.

Once this Web based information management infrastructure is fully operationalised, it will facilitate more effective communication and coordination among the CDERA Coordinating Unit, affected countries and supporting agencies through real time sharing of critical information. This means, that high level decision makers, emergency managers and first responders will have access to up-to-the-minute intelligence on the nature and exact location of disasters, as well as other critical details to inform on emergency operations.

Seon Levius, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Manager at CDERA, said "Emergency managers and technical personnel from CDERA member states have already begun to receive training in the use of the WebEOC application. The first workshop was held in Puerto Rico in July, 2008 and follow-up training is scheduled for March 2009."

The procurement of equipment for the WebEOC Information System began in October, 2008 and installation in the 16 CDERA Participating States will begin early 2009.

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