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Protocol 2. ‘Empowered Leadership’ in a Humanitarian System-Wide Scale-Up Activation

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Following an IASC Scale-Up activation , Humanitarian Coordinators (HC) shall be empowered to lead the response for up to six months . As speed in decision-making is essential during this phase of the response, the HC shall be empowered to make timely decisions in the absence of consensus within the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) in the following key areas: setting overall priorities, allocating pooled resources, monitoring performance and addressing underperformance.

The HC, with the backing of the HCT, shall lead the international humanitarian response in support of ongoing national efforts. While the HC leadership of the response must be consultative, during the Scale-Up activation, the HC will be empowered to exercise considerable judgment to ensure swift decision-making. This decision-making ability shall be supported through enhanced accountability to the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC), who will require regular briefings from the HC during this period.
This paper clarifies what is meant by the concept of ‘empowered leadership’ following the declaration of a Scale-Up activation.