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Iraq: Displacement Tracking Matrix | DTM Round 106 - October 2018

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As of 31 October, DTM identified 1,866,594 IDPs (311,099 families) who were displaced after January 2014, dispersed across 104 districts, 18 governorates and 3,363 locations in Iraq. For the same period, DTM also identified 4,113,624 returnees (685,604 families) across 8 governorates, 29 districts and 1,568 locations. Data collection for round 106 took place from 1 October to 31 October 2018 across 18 governorates.

The rate of return was comparable to the last round. An additional 38,274 returnees were reported, a one per cent increase compared to September. Most of these individuals (61%) returned to Ninewa Governorate (23,394), followed by Anbar (4,308; 11%) and Kirkuk (3,708; 10%). The number of IDPs reported decreased by 24,102 individuals, one per cent. Most governorates reported a decrease in IDPs, with Ninewa having the greatest decrease (6,834 individuals) followed by Baghdad (4,656) and Salah al-Din (4,338). However,
Diyala reported an increase of 650 individuals.

In round 106 key informants were asked to provide a breakdown of the quality of the habitual residence that returnees live in into two categories: habitable and uninhabitable. Those returnees in a destroyed or severely damaged house (category III or IV per the Iraq Shelter Cluster definition that are not deemed safe for habitation) were then categorized as living in a critical shelter. This means that there are now 130,350 individuals categorized as living in critical shelters, that is, three per cent of the total returnee population, compared to only 19,614 reported in the previous round.

To reflect the slowdown in the pace of displacement and the need for additional data, after discussions with stakeholders, the cycles of data collection will be adjusted accordingly. As of 1 November, DTM reports and databases will be published on a bi-monthly basis to provide more detailed data, including new products such as the return index. The next information products for Round 107 will therefore be published at the end of December 2018.

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