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DTM Libya | IDP & Returnee Report, Round 22 | September – October 2018

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This report presents the findings of Round 22 of DTM data collection, which took place in September and October 2018. During the reporting period the number of identified returnees in Libya increased to 403,978 (+21,756), largely due to a return movement in Derna following improvement of the security situation. In Round 22, a total of 4,137 new returnee families (approximatley 20,688 individuals) were identified in the city of Derna. The total number of IDPs identified in Round 22 was 187,423.

At the same time, clashes escalated in the capital Tripoli due to intensified fighting between different armed groups betwen 26 August and 24 September 2018, displacing at least 5,065 families. After the end of hostilities over 84% of previously displaced families returned in the following six weeks. Please refer to page 6 and 7 for more details on the Tripoli crisis and subsequent return movements after warring parties had agreed on a ceasefire on 23 September.

Please note that displacements from Tripoli occurred while data collection for Round 22 was ongoing and subsequent returns took place after baseline data collection had ended in October. Tripoli related displacements and returns referred to in this report will be included into baseline datasets in Round 23. More information can be found in DTM’s Flash Updates available on

The primary reported needs of Libya’s returnee population were NFIs, Water & Sanitation and food. Availability of public health services continues to be a challenge of IDPs, Returnees and host communities as almost half (47%) of public health facilities are reportedly not fully operational. Similarly, damaged and destroyed schools were reported in 29 municipalities. The following report will provide more details on IDP and returnee timelines of displacement and return, origins and areas of residence, shelter settings and needs.

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