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WFP Iraq Situation Report #58, September – October 2018

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In Numbers

1.86 million people displaced (IOM)
4.11 million returnees (IOM)
251,793 Syrian refugees in Iraq (UNHCR)
270,504 Iraqis assisted by WFP*
44,354 Syrian refugees assisted by WFP*

* October 2018


  • As of 30 October, there are almost 4.11 million returnees and 1.86 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix) in Iraq.

  • Due to funding constraints, WFP Iraq was forced to temporarily halve in-kind food rations and Cash-BasedTransfers in all IDP camps in September and October. Full entitlements will be restored starting November 2018 as a result of strong support received from donors.

  • The fluid security situation is making the operating environment in some governorates increasingly difficult. In particular, the deteriorating situation in Ninewa, Anbar, and of Salah al-Din may threaten future resilience field activities.

Situation Update

  • Displaced Iraqis continue to return to their areas of origin, with almost 4.11 million returning and 1.86 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) recorded as of 30 October (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix) with the highest number of IDPs in Ninewa, Dohuk, and Erbil. The highest numbers of returnees are recorded in Ninewa Governorate (38.7 percent of the total number of returnees) and Anbar Governorate (31.2 percent).

  • Thousands of people have been seeking medical assistance over the past weeks in Basra, due to water contamination. The federal Government has granted the Governor of Basra the necessary authorizations to expedite projects to improve water filtration and purification, rehabilitate water pipeline networks and extend new pipelines. This did not affect WFP operations.

  • Early in September, the formation of a grand coalition was announced, consisting of several major Shi’a parties, Sunnis, secularists, and minority lists. This allowed for the election of a new Speaker of the Council of Representative in mid-September and set the stage for a new president to be appointed and a new prime minister to be nominated. The creation of a new Iraqi cabinet has been delayed since May.