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Water supply vulnerability in Jordan 2018

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Govt. Jordan
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Vulnerability index based on the below indicators :

1.Water network age 2018 [10%]
2.Water network coverage 2018 [20%]
3.Water network losses as leakage 2018 [20%] *
4.Operation and maintenance Needs 2018 [15%] **
5.Average consumption Vs Standard consumption 2018 [15%]
6.Poverty [10%] ***
7.The proportion of Syrian refugees [10%]

*Water network losses as leakage is an estimation based on mathematic approach.

** This indicator is newly added to the vulnerability map, it’s a calculation of the # of maintenance teams in comparison with the received complaints.

** Poverty based on 2010 census in addition to the Syrian percentage considered with high poverty for water expenses.


  1. This map reflecting quantitative indicators,The vulnerability is measured by the water supply from the official water resources managed by MWI. the quality of the water confirmed by the ministry that it's aligned with the standards.
  2. Network coverage, standard consumption and water network losses are indicates the operation and maintenance vulnerability for the network.