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Sewerage Vulnerability in Jordan 2018

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Govt. Jordan
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Vulnerability index based on the below indicators :

1.Sewerage network age 2018 [10%]
2.Sewerage network coverage 2018 [25%]
3.3. WWTP condition (in terms of hydraulic and biological load) [20%] *
4.Operation and maintenance Needs 2018 [15%] **
5.Poverty [10%] ***
6.The proportion of Syrian refugees [20%]

*As population significantly increases in certain areas, wastewater generated also increases. Rising both hydraulic and biological loads to the maximum limits in some plants, results in high health and environment risks.

** This indicator is newly added to the vulnerability map, it’s a calculation of the # of maintenance teams in comparison with the received complaints.

*** Poverty based on 2010 census in addition to the Syrian percentage considered with high poverty for water expenses.