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“Sickened by the political games”, Aid NGOs Resolve to get #KidsOffNauru

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Over 120 Australian aid and development NGOs have united behind a new resolution at their annual conference to up-the-ante in campaigning to get #KidsOffNauru in the face of political stagnation.

Members of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) voted to pass a resolution at their AGM to “shine a light on the children on Nauru” in their continuing advocacy “for political leaders to remove the children and their families from Nauru”.

CEO of ACFID, Marc Purcell, said:

“This is a message of resolve and determination for our politicians. We are not going away. This issue will not go away.

“We will not rest until every child and their family on Nauru is resettled in Australia or another suitable country.

“As humanitarian organisations responding to children’s need in conflicts and disasters around the world, it’s a disgrace that Australia is harming young lives at home. It must end.”

The resolution passed at ACFID’s conference in Sydney on Tuesday was proposed by #KidsOffNauru campaign leaders, World Vision, and seconded by Chief Executive of Oxfam Australia, Helen Szoke.

Commenting World Vision Australia Chief Executive Officer, Claire Rogers, said:

“I am sickened by the political games. There must be a bipartisan solution to ending the indefinite offshore detention of refugees who sought sanctuary in Australia.

“That children should be victims of an almighty collision between policy and humanity is something we should never condone if we have learnt anything from our nation’s mistakes.”

On Sunday, a YouGov Galaxy poll for the Sunday Telegraph showed that 80% of people wanted children and their families transferred off Nauru.

Marc Purcell continued:

“Our political leaders seem to be out of touch with the people of Australia.

“We should not be horse-trading with people’s lives. It is not beyond our Parliament’s capacity to get this done.”


Notes to Editors

Text of Resolution

ACFID Council resolves that:

No one should be held indefinitely on Nauru and an enduring solution must be found for everyone, especially for vulnerable children We will work with key organisations and individuals to shine a light on the children on Nauru and raise Australian public awareness of their needs We will advocate for political leaders to remove the children and their families from Nauru by Universal Children’s Day on November 20th

ACFID calls on Australia’s Political leaders to:

Bring every child and their family to Australia by Universal Children’s Day on November 20th Resettle children trapped on Nauru in Australia or in another suitable country which welcomes them

Moved: Claire Rogers

Seconded: Helen Szoke

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