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100,000 people take humanitarian learning courses to save more lives in disaster situations

Humanitarian Leadership Academy
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The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (the Academy) has released today (23 October 2018) an analysis of the learners and courses undertaken since its inception in November 2015. The report '100,000 humanitarian learners and counting' shows that over 100,000 learners have accessed learning through the Academy's free online learning platform Kaya, and other methods including face to face training, workshops and webinars in less than three years.

The Academy's mission is to enable people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries. This investment in learning and knowledge supports the commitments made at the World Humanitarian Summit for the localisation of aid to ensure a more efficient, effective and sustainable approach.

The new report demonstrates that the majority [67 per cent] of Academy learning has been accessed online through Kaya - a mobile accessible free platform. This platform currently has over 67,000 users from all over the world, mostly from countries currently experiencing a crisis including Bangladesh, Iraq, Nigeria, the Philippines, Syria, and Yemen. This demonstrates the demand for critical information and learning which goes beyond the traditional face to face approach to training.

The learning through Kaya is not just self-directed e-learning but also features participatory opportunities such as massive open online courses (MOOCs) where thousands of learners do the course at the same time, forums allowing people to share experiences and ideas, webinars and gamification courses where people learn through games.

Saba Al- Mubaslat, CEO, Humanitarian Leadership Academy said: "It is unsurprising that we have seen such an appetite for learning from many local communities in vulnerable countries dealing with typhoons, earthquakes, droughts, floods and conflict on a daily basis. Through our network of partners, we aim to reach more people at the grassroots level who will be the first to respond if a disaster strikes and giving them access to free learning that will help them to prepare for, respond to, and recover from impending disasters.

"We have successfully engaged a wide range of partners to help us by providing investment, sharing learning content, helping to reach new audiences and bringing innovation solutions to the table. We couldn't do this without our founding partners such as Alwaleed Philanthropies who believe and support the work we are doing. Their continued financial and strategic support means we can reach even more learners and save more lives." HRH Princess Lamia Al Saud, Secretary General, Alwaleed Philanthropies

"We are delighted to be supporting the incredibly important and relevant work of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. We want to ensure that local responders become local humanitarian leaders with the learning and knowledge to respond safely and effectively in an emergency situation. The Academy has done a fantastic job of already reaching 100,000 people, and we look forward to working with them to reach even more learners over the coming years."

The report also reveals that two-thirds of learners feel that the courses they have taken will add to their skills and knowledge as aid workers.

The Academy's social media channels have also grown exponentially with over half a million followers to date. Over 70 per cent believe that they understand humanitarian issues better from engaging with our channels and learning. Almost 60 per cent have recommended the learning courses on Kaya to colleagues, friends or family.


For more information contact Vishnee Sauntoo in the Humanitarian Leadership Academy media office on or on +44 20 3884 7994/+447956869547

Notes to Editors

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy The idea behind the Academy came after the Tsunami in 2004. We needed a more localised approach to disaster response and we needed to ensure that vulnerable communities were enabled to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies. Save the Children UK has incubated the Academy and continues to provide support.

The Academy has been supported by Alwaleed Philanthropies, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UK Aid and Unilever since its inception in 2015. Info about Kaya The Academy's digital learning platform - Kaya - is a one-stop shop featuring 350 free courses in up to 10 languages. The Academy shares content from partners including international NGOs, national organisations and learning providers.

Info about the report and the numbers The report '100,000 humanitarian learners and counting' has analysed the impact that our learning has on participants and the difference it makes for their skills and knowledge.

Key facts and figures

  • More than 100,000 people have received learning through the Academy and its partners, exceeding targets.
  • 2/3 of learners surveyed after they completed a course have indicated that their skills and knowledge have improved
  • A wide range of people access our learning - volunteers, professional humanitarians (aid workers), managers and leaders.
  • Our digital learning platform Kaya has over 67,000 learners from all over the world. The majority of the top 10 countries using Kaya are currently affected by crises, including Bangladesh, Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Syria, Uganda, Yemen.
  • Reaching future learners through social media - with over half a million followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - 78% of our followers are more engaged in humanitarian learning, 71% are more aware of humanitarian issues and 57% have recommended learning to colleagues/friends/family due to our messaging.
  • The most popular courses include the Core Humanitarian Standard and Coaching and Mentoring and preventing corruption in humanitarian aid. Download the full report here

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