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Three Moroccan Aircrafts Carrying Humanitarian Aid Sent to Palestinian People Land in Egypt

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Three aircrafts carrying 1.8 ton of humanitarian aid that will be sent to the Gaza Strip by land through the Rafah border crossing landed on Monday evening in the east of Cairo.

This humanitarian aid is sent upon the high instructions of HM King Mohammed VI in order to be delivered to the Palestinian people.

The reception of this aid was supervised by Morocco's ambassador to Egypt, Ahmad Tazi, who is also the Kingdom's permanent representative to the Arab League.

The aid, which includes medicines and medical supplies, is sent to respond to the needs of the field hospital set-up by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) in Gaza, and which provides, since last June, medical care to the Palestinians victims of the last clashes as well as to the whole population of Gaza Strip.

The hospital's medical and paramedical staff includes 13 doctors and 21 nurses working in different specialties.

This initiative testifies to the spirit of solidarity of the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of HM the King, with brotherly and friendly countries as well as its concrete and effective support to the Palestinian people and their just cause.