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World Renew Expands Earthquake Response in Indonesia

World Renew
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*OCTOBER 3, 2018—*World Renew’s International Disaster Response (IDR) staff and partners are in Sulawesi today after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and resulting 10-foot tsunami rolled through the island nation on Friday, September 28, 2018. World Renew is organizing an expansion of its current earthquake response in Lombok, Indonesia, to include the critical, widespread needs still being uncovered after Friday’s devastation on Sulawesi. A volcanic eruption occurred on the island earlier today.

“In this early phase of response, World Renew works with partners to distribute lifesaving food, water, and emergency kits,” said Kenneth Kim, World Renew IDR director. “Shelters will be needed for those who have lost everything. Latrines, with sanitation and hygiene training, will prevent the spread of disease. These are emergency-stage responses that World Renew then follows with longer-term reconstruction and rehabilitation projects.”

World Renew is seeking funding to support the growing response to the disasters on Sulawesi. Financial donations can be made online at

Recent reports from last week’s disasters include a surging death toll on Sulawesi, with approximately 1,400 killed in urban areas, and rural and remote areas still mostly unreached. Reports of looting are ongoing, with people in need of food, water, fuel, and shelter. The response is complicated by widespread disruption of communication and electrical lines.

“World Renew has been working on the nearby island of Lombok for two months, responding to three major earthquakes there, from July and August 2018, that killed 300 people and displaced a quarter million more from their damaged homes,” said IDR Senior Program Coordinator Grace Wiebe. “World Renew has been providing shelter tarps, sourcing emergency food supplies, and assisting with kitchen items.”

World Renew has long experience working with local partners in the southern Ring of Fire, and in Indonesia since 1984, including the 2004 Asia Tsunami and more recently the Yogyakarta and Padang earthquakes in 2006 and 2009 respectively. World Renew works in emergency response with partners when needed and works on long-term, sustainable development in communities.

To arrange an interview with World Renew’s International Disaster Response Team or other staff, please contact Jonathan Self at 800-730-3490 or call US Media Contact Beth DeGraff at 800-552-7972.

Members of your audience can donate financially to World Renew Indonesia Earthquakes 2018 at or call 800-552-7972 in the U.S. or 800-730-3490 in Canada. Checks made out to World Renew, with Indonesia Earthquakes 2018 in the memo line, can be mailed to World Renew, 1700 28th St., SE, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49508.

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