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Typhoon Mangkhut 2018 - Philippines: Work Report 1

Hong Kong Red Cross
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Situation Update

On 15 September, a Category 4 Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall on Baggao municipality of Cagayan province, situated on the northern part of the Philippines. After sweeping through the Northern side of the Philippines, it entered the South China Sea and also affected southern part of China including Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces.

According to the Philippines official, as of 22 September, over 1.7 million people were affected in 31 provinces. Over 58,000 houses were damaged, and over 713,000 people were displaced. Since this is the harvest season of corn and rice, most of the crops were damaged by the typhoon and the livelihood of the farmers was severely affected, particularly on corn and rice farming. Based on the initial assessments, more than 80% of corn farms in the area were affected.

At this moment, people from the affected communities are in needs basic living essentials, in the same time searching for ways to recovery.

Red Cross Actions

On 13 September 2018, the International Red Cross has already mobilized approximately HK$675,000 from its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund to support the Philippines Red Cross (PRC) on preparedness action that allow PRC to respond immediately after the typhoon made its landfall. An emergency appeal was launched on 19 September, seeking approximately HK$ 22million targeting to support 100,000 people on emergency relief, shelter, livelihood, water and sanitation and so on.

PRC has been working hand in hand with the Philippines Government and local communities to respond to the typhoon with the following actions:

  • 2 National Disaster Response Teams deployed to the affected area before the typhoon made landfall and conducted assessments in the field

  • Relief materials dispatched for possible distribution to communities in need

  • Provision of First-aid and Psychosocial Support (PSS) services to the communities

  • Distribution of safe drinking water, food packs and hot meals for affected communities

  • Distribution of Non-food items (NFIs) e.g. hygiene kits to the affected households

Hong Kong Red Cross Actions

In response to typhoon Mangkhut, Hong Kong Red Cross has mobilized a total of HK$200,000 from emergency fund to support the International Red Cross on the Typhoon Mangkhut operation in the Philippines. Hong Kong Red Cross is monitoring the latest needs and gaps based on detailed assessments, and in close contact with PRC and the International Red Cross.

Emergency tracing service is offered to people in Hong Kong who are looking for missing family members in the Philippines. Please contact our staff for enquiry on emergency tracing service: