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The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief - August 2018

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Security Incidents and Access Constraints


Central African Republic

01 August 2018: In Alindao town, Basse-Kotto prefecture, unspecified assailants killed an aid worker from a local NGO. His motorcycle was found heavily burned nearby. No further details available. Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and AWSD

06 August 2018: In Bria town, Haute-Kotto prefecture, the international non-governmental organisation (INGO) Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reopened its Bria base and has begun to gradually reintroduce its medical support for the city. Source: aBangui

08 August 2018: In Kaga-Bandoro region, Nana-Grébizi prefecture, an unspecified humanitarian team was robbed three times by unidentified perpetrators while traveling between Dekoa and KagaBandoro villages. Source: ACLED

09 August 2018: In Kaga-Bandoro region, Nana-Grébizi prefecture, another team of humanitarian workers from an unspecified organisation were robbed by armed men while driving on the road between Dekoa and Kaga-Bandoro. No further details specified.
Source: ACLED

11 August 2018: In Kaga-Bandoro region, Nana-Grébizi prefecture, a Red Cross team was robbed by unidentified armed men while traveling between Kaga-Bandoro city and Grevai town. Source:

25 August 2018: In Bria town, Haute-Kotou prefecture, two national staff members of an unspecified aid organisation were killed during clashes between anti-Balaka militants and members of the Rassemblement Patriotique pour le Renouveau de Centrafique (RPRC), and eleven other people were injured. It is unknown whether the injuries included aid workers. Source: AWSD

Democratic Republic of the Congo

02 August 2018: In North Kivu province, seven local UN workers were kidnapped when their convoy of vehicles was stopped by armed men just east of Masisi centre. Only the Congolese nationals were kidnapped, while their drivers and vehicles were let go. On August 03, two of the seven kidnapping victims were released, having been seriously assaulted, and a ransom was put out for the remaining staff members.
Source: AWSD

08 August 2018 (Date of article): In North Kivu province, militia violence poses a major challenge for aid workers who have been attempting to vaccinate any and all individuals who may come into contact with someone who has the Ebola virus. Sources: Al Jazeera, Devex and The Guardian

09 August 2018: In Rutshuru town, North Kivu province, militants from the Forces Démocratiques de Libération du Rwanda (FDLR) attacked a group from the Norwegian NGO Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), kidnapping six of the aid workers before releasing them again later the same day. Source: ACLED

19 August 2018: In Tanganyika province, Katanga state, four members of the Red Cross were kidnapped by a group of Hapa Na Pale Mayi Mayi militants. Source: ACLED