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Central Europe: Appeal No. MAA66001 Programme Update No. 1

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This report covers the period 01/01/08 to 30/06/08

In brief

Programme purpose: The main programme areas in the first half of 2008 were disaster management, health and care, organizational development and participatory community development as well as population movement. The focus areas are aligned with Strategy 2010 core areas, the Istanbul Commitments made at the VII Red Cross Red Crescent Conference and they contribute to the four Global Agenda Goals.

Programme summary: Within disaster management, the National Societies supported through the regional representation of the International Federation- Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania plus Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo, which also have their own appeals- focused on strengthening regional and national disaster response mechanisms and increasing the knowledge about vulnerability and capacity assessment (VCA) tools and risk reduction activities. Within the health and care programme, social care and harm reduction were the main activity areas. Mobilization of financial resources and financial management were focus areas within organizational development including the installation of a financial management system and fund-raising activities. Participatory community development and population movement activities focused on empowering local communities through community participation as well as support the social integration of refugees, returnees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable populations.

Financial situation: Total 2008 budget for Central Europe (MAA66001) was initially 6,404,721 Swiss francs (USD 5,822,474 or EUR 3,965,772). The revised budget is 6,229,682 Swiss francs (USD 5,663,347 or EUR 3,857,388), out of which 59 per cent covered. The overall 2008 budget for the programmes run from the International Federation's regional representation in Budapest is 1,441,145 Swiss francs. Other programmes under this appeal are run by the country representation in Belgrade and the Federation offices in Kosovo and in Bosnia and Herzegovina and are reported on in separate programme updates. The revision of the appeal budget is due to a slight decrease in the budget of the Federation office in Kosovo.

No. of people we help: Approximately 124,440 beneficiaries benefited from the International Federation's secretariat supported programmes. Out of this 123,200 are among vulnerable people and 1,240 staff and volunteers of the National Societies in the region.