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East Africa Seasonal Monitor: September 10, 2018

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  • During the month of August, Sudan continued to receive significantly above-average rainfall, which caused additional widespread flooding, fatalities, livestock and crop losses, and infrastructure damage. As moderate to localized heavy rainfall is forecast over the next two weeks, particularly in southern areas, a heightened flood-risk is expected through mid-September.

  • In other areas of the region, rainfall in August was unevenly distributed and below-average across parts of northwestern Uganda, northern DRC, southern and central South Sudan, and central and northern Ethiopia. As a result, this has led to significant cumulative seasonal moisture deficits and drier-than-normal in these areas.

  • In addition to Sudan, the short-term rainfall forecast indicates an increased likelihood for moderate to heavy rainfall across western Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, and the DRC. In addition, light to moderate rainfall is expected over the East Africa coastal strip, northern Somalia, and western Yemen during this period.