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West and Central Africa, Middle East and North Africa, East and Horn of Africa, Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Monthly Regional Update - July 2018

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Regional Flow Monitoring Network

26 FMPs and 10 mobile FMPs are currently operational in 7 countries. No FMPS were activated or de-activated during this period.

In Burkina Faso, data was collected from five FMPs during June 2018. An average of 1,470 individuals were observed crossing Flow Monitoring Points on a daily basis - a decrease of 21 per cent from the previous month. Flows were principally observed at the Yendéré FMP, where 987 average daily travellers were recorded.
Across the country, travellers had mainly departed from Burkina Faso (88%). The proportion of travellers going towards Côte d’Ivoire increased by 20 per cent from the previous month, reaching 67 per cent of all flows observed. There was a decrease of 5 per cent in travellers going to Niger (16%), while 10 per cent fewer individuals were travelling to Mali (a decrease from 15% to 5% of all travelers observed). A decrease of 2 per cent in internal travellers moving between different locations within Burkina Faso (12% of all flows) was also witnessed. Seasonal migration flows increased by 2 per cent from the previous month, reaching 39 per cent of all flows observed. Travellers were mainly Burkinabé (72%), Nigerien (21%), Malian (3%), or Ivorian (2%) nationals.

In Chad, data was gathered from the Faya and Kalait Flow Monitoring Points during June, and from Zouarké during May and June. Travellers observed in Zouarké had mainly departed from Zouarké (19%), Sebha (17%) and Zouar (10%), and were headed towards destinations within Chad (Kouri-Bougoudi, Zouarke and Zouar). The majority of observed flows were made up of short-term local movements. In Faya, the daily average number of travellers observed decreased by 31 per cent. Travellers were moving mainly between Faya, Abeche, Zouar and Moussoro, and the majority were travelling for long-term economic reasons (over six months). In Kalait, the daily average number of travellers observed decreased by 26 per cent. Flows were mainly travelling between Kalait,
Abeche and Faya within Chad and the majority were short-term local movements.

In Mali, average daily flows observed in June 2018 decreased by 16 per cent in comparison to the previous month, reaching 240 individuals observed per day on average across 10 FMPs. There were no significant changes in the countries of departure and destination of travellers this month. The main countries of departure were Mali (54%), Guinea-Conakry (14%), and Côte d’Ivoire (7%), and the main countries of destination were Mali (52%), Mauritania (17%) and Algeria (16%). Those observed had mainly departed from locations within Mali (54%) and Guinea-Conakry (14%). Travelers were generally travelling to destinations within Mali (52%), followed by Mauritania (17% - down by 1% from the previous month) and Algeria (16% - up by 2% from the previous month). Travel to Mauritania was mainly observed at the Gogui FMP, located at the border between the two countries, while Sevare, Menaka, Inhalid (in Kidal region), Timbuktu, Place Kidal and Wabaria (in the city of Gao) mainly captured travellers headed towards Algeria or traveling within Mali.

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