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Bulgarian government decides to provide humanitarian aid to Georgia and South Ossetia refugees

Govt. Bulgaria
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The Bulgarian government decided to provide 253,985 leva in medicines and medical products as humanitarian grant aid for the people of Georgia who have suffered from military action. The consignment which will be provided to the Georgian Health Ministry includes breathing machines, stomach probes, surgical gloves, antibiotics, infusion solutions and disinfectants.

In addition, 100,000 leva will be transferred to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to assist refugees from South Ossetia in Russia.

According to European Commission estimates, those affected by the conflict are at least 150,000 persons. There are no precise data about the wounded. The number of refugees and displaced persons has reached 90,000.

The humanitarian aid provided by the Bulgarian government is a timely expression of solidarity with the affected population of Georgia, including people who are in the territory of the Russian Federation.