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Meru County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for July 2018

Govt. Kenya
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Biophysical Indicators
- The month of July was largely dry with the exception of light rains around the Nyambene ranges and occasional morning drizzles in most rain-fed cropping and mixed farming livelihood zones.
- Natural vegetation is in good conditions in all livelihood zones. Forage was above average similar to the month of June.

Production Indicators
- Livestock body conditions are good in all species and across all livelihood zones.
- The harvesting of maize commenced during the month in the agro-pastoral livelihood zone. Harvesting in other livelihood zones is expected to begin in early August.

Access Indicators
- Rivers, boreholes, pans and dams were major sources of water to both households and livestock. A reduction in water levels in most rivers and the drying up of most open surface sources has led to increased watering distances for both households and livestock.
- Terms of trade have depreciated slightly following a slight drop in goat prices while maize prices remained relatively stable compared to June.

Utilization Indicators
- The proportion of children under five years at risk of malnutrition has increased in July compared to June.