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EU NAVFOR visits World Food Programme in Djibouti

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One of Operation Atalanta’s main efforts is to protect vulnerable shipping carrying World Food Programme (WFP) aid to those who need it the most in Somalia and neighbouring countries. By monitoring, protecting and having a presence in the area we can reduce the likeliness of acts of piracy that threaten this vital aid.

EU NAVFOR’s Force Commander, Rear Admiral Alfonso Perez de Nanclares has visited a WFP hub in Djibouti to discuss the significant ongoing efforts and challenges they face in a developing society, where they addressed key issues such as empowering the role of women.

Since the beginning of the operation in 2008, nearly 1.8 million tonnes of aid has been delivered to Somalia supporting those who are classed by the United Nations as ‘food insecure’ or who cannot meet their daily food requirements. The aid protected by EU NAVFOR equates to the weight of 140 of our Flagship ESPS Castilla, or 5 times the weight of the Empire State Building.

By working closely with the WFP, we can maintain our operation and continue to protect this aid and help people who need it the most in Somalia and neighbouring countries.