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Swedish Rescue Services Agency in Albania

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At the end of July the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) sent fire fighting equipment to Macedonia. Several countries have been seriously affected by forest fires and now the SRSA is sending assistance to Albania also.

"We are sending the same type of equipment as we sent to Macedonia but not quite as much of it," says Curt Näslund, project leader for the Albania operation.

"Six containers of equipment and ten cubic metres of foam compound were sent to Macedonia. We are sending two containers of equipment to Albania."

The equipment is, as before, being transported by road and is expected to leave Sweden on Thursday. It will take two or three days to get there, depending on traffic conditions and customs procedures.

An expert is also being sent by the SRSA to instruct in the use of the equipment. The operation is estimated to last five days.

Responsible: Anders =C5slund