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ACAPS Briefing Note: Uganda - Anticipation of Ebola Virus Disease (22 August 2018)

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As of 18 August, 91 cases of Ebola and 50 deaths (CFR 54.9%) have been reported in Ituri and Nord Kivu provinces of DRC. Conflict and insecurity in both areas are aggravating the crisis and increasing the risk the disease will spread further. Conflict is hampering humanitarian access of health workers to the local population, as well as driving displacement across the border to Uganda. Around 99,400 refugees from DRC have arrived in Uganda since January 2018, and the number of new refugees in Uganda from the two Ebola-affected provinces rose in July to 250 a day from 170 a day. The Ebola outbreak itself is also a cause for cross-border migration, as people try to leave the affected areas.

Cross-border movement means the spread of the disease to Uganda remains a risk. Uganda’s preparedness plans are reportedly good. Screening activities for refugees have been in place in reception centres and settlements in Uganda since the May 2018 Ebola outbreak in DRC. It is likely, however, that some landing sites in Uganda do not yet have screening facilities, and health and sanitation facilities in refugee settlements are often inadequate.