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Romania: Operative meeting for emergencies

Govt. Romania
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The authorities' priority is saving human lives and protecting goods - houses, households, socio- economic units, PM Calin Popescu - Tariceanu has stated today in Radauti, at the end of the meeting of the Inspectorate for Emergencies. The Head of the Executive has highlighted the need for massive interventions in flood - hit areas, especially in Pascani - Roman area, where the river flows are further rising

The authorities are preparing for the flashflood over Prut, taking into that the reservoir at Stanca-Costesti, may not take over the entire flashflood from Prut. 'In cooperation with Moldavian authorities, we took actions to evacuate important flows at the dam, exceeding 600 m/ s, to increase the takeover capacity from Stanca - Costesti', Prime Minister has stated.

The operative measures taken by local and central authorities entailed a decline in the number of stranded persons, in Suceava area, from 30.000 to 3.000, PM has stated. The red warning is preserved for some areas; Prime Minister has stated, sequent to having flown over the flooded areas, up to the border with Ukraine.

The cooperation between local and central authorities is a pre-requisite for the coordination of safeguard and intervention actions, PM has stated. Currently, there are over 3,000 MIRA, Gendarmerie and MAp deployed and their number can rise. 'We shall intervene with gendarmes, on the grounds of the institution of the emergency state, decreed by MIRA for evacuation, because there are areas with high risk, and the first priority is saving human lives. I am accompanied on this visit by Secretary of State Cornel Dobritoiu, MApnN, and the Head of the General Staff, Admiral Marin, who are about to decide on the deployment of forces where there are needed', PM has stated.

The inhabitants of flood hit areas will receive humanitarian aid from state, first -aid products included, these being already distributed by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform. 'We shall earmark the funds necessary for both the infrastructure reconstruction and the humanitarian actions with a view to helping the areas' families who suffered over this period', PM Tariceanu has stated.

The Head of the Executive has launched an appeal to local authorities to rally the population to support as volunteers the authorities' efforts towards carrying out the protection works. 'I launch an appeal, asking the local authorities, through mass - media, to rally the population to help at the protection works we want to carry out in this moment, aiming at the protection of households, and economic and social establishments. In certain localities which benefited of better organization, the intervention forces based on volunteers have already taken actions', PM Tariceanu has stated.

Today, Prime Minister has visited the flood hit areas from Suceava County, together with the Minister of Economy and Finances, Mr. Varujan Vosganian, Interior Minister, Mr. Cristian David, Environment Minister, Attila Korodi, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Dacian Ciolos, Head of the PM Chancellery, Mr. Dorin Marian, Secretary of State in the Defense Ministry, Mr. Cornel Dobritoiu, and the Head of the General Staff, Admiral Marin. This afternoon, Prime Minister will fly over the Pascani area, to see the stage of the works at the dam across Siret.