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New disaster risk reduction project supported by Czech Republic

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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A meeting in relation to the new project “Increasing resilience of Livno, Mrkonjic Grad and Maglaj” that is financed by the Czech Republic and implemented by the UNDP in cooperation with the local self-government units, was held in Sarajevo on 9 August 2018.

This new project is a result of previous successful cooperation between the Embassy of Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina and UNDP and local self-government units, and it was initiated based on the recommendations of the Czech DRR expert that was earlier in a mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project activities and work plan were presented at the meeting. The participants of the meeting were representatives of the Embassy of Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina and partner municipalities of Livno, Mrkonjic Grad and Maglaj.

“This project will contribute to solving some of very important issues related to DRR in the municipalities that are partners in this project. This primarily refers to better planning and coordination and strengthening crisis management capacities by using modern technologies and international experience” said Jana Zelingerová, Consul and Head of Development Cooperation Department at the Embassy of Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aida Hadzic-Hurem, UNDP Project Manager emphasized that the project would lean on previous efforts of the UNDP initiatives for DRR in the local communities.

Overall objective of the project is to strengthen DRR capacities in the partner municipalities, with focus on vulnerable categories. The key activities that will be implemented are institutionalization of Disaster Risk Analysis System (DRAS) on local level, update of Protection and Rescue Plans, development of manuals for frequently occurring types of disasters, and disaster management training for mayors and municipal civil protection HQ.