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North Africa: Appeal No. MAA82001 Report 2006-2007

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This report covers the period of 01/01/2006 to 31/12/2007 of a two-year planning and appeal process.

In brief

Programme Summary: During 2006-2007, the regional representation, through increased dialogue, continued to respond to the needs and priorities expressed by the North African National Societies by providing tailor-made support at country level, in the management of their programmes, and for coordination and cooperation amongst partners. Good progress was made over the two years especially in sensitive emerging fields such as migration (Morocco and Algeria), issues related to legal basis (integrity issue in Algeria and preparation for the Algerian Red Crescent General Assembly), revision of legal statutes (Morocco and Algeria), and avian influenza (Egypt and Morocco). North African National Societies are increasingly positioning themselves on the national scene and as an International Federation member by being involved in the International Federation Board, Health Commission, Federation of the Future process, and Migration Reference Group. On the other hand, they are acting as donor National Societies responding to humanitarian crises such as Tsunami, Pakistan, Middle East (Lebanon, Palestine) and Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Mali, Chad, and Niger). Through the satisfactory coverage of the Appeal, National Societies have been able to consolidate their planning and to scale up their programmes mainly in disaster management with a community based focus through risk reduction including vulnerability and capacity assessment (VCA) and school programmes. They have also enhanced their programmes in capacity development through support to the governance, strategic planning, and branch development by focusing on youth, volunteers and gender issues. Their credibility as reliable partners, together with the confidence gained, resulted in a good fundraising approach both within and outside the Movement. New partnerships were developed locally; being responsive and timely within the given context.

North African Red Crescent Societies are still in the process to adapt their structures to the changing environment and challenges. The process is slow, costly and this effort of modernization needs to be supported in order to reinforce the National Societies' role within their civil society as well as at the regional level. The positive aspect is an increased ownership of the process by North African Societies themselves. The regional representation continues to base its approach on the Federation of the Future, positioning National Societies in the forefront and focusing on coordination, facilitation and supporting the conditions for the National Societies to work as effective as possible.

The initial budget for 2006-2007 was CHF 3,051,000 (USD 2,728,980 or EUR 1,849,091). The budget was revised in 2006 after the closure of the two main relief operations - Algeria Boumerdes Earthquake and Morocco Al Hoceima Earthquake. The capacity building balances of Algerian and Moroccan RC were linked to the North Africa Appeal, keeping strict earmarking for both National Societies' capacity development programmes. The budget was once more revised in 2007 after the signing of the partnership agreement with the Spanish International Cooperation Agency (AECI) for a large institutional development programme in Morocco. The total 2006-2007 budget is CHF 6,120,459 (USD 5,474,471 or EUR 3,709,369).

Please go to the International Federation's website for operations relevant to the North Africa region during the reporting period - Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East Emergency Appeal (MDR81001), Egypt: Ferry Disaster DREF Bulletin (MDREG001), Egypt: Avian Influenza DREF Bulletin (MDREG002), Egypt: Dahab Bomb Explosions DREF Bulletin (MDREG003), Egypt: Fire in Zeinhom Area DREF Bulletin (MDREG004), Egypt: Palestinians Stranded on the Al-Areesh and Al-Rafah Borders DREF Bulletin (MDREG005), Tunisia: Floods 2007 DREF Bulletin (MDRTN001), Tunisia: Flash Floods DREF Bulletin (MDRTN002), and Avian Influenza Global Appeal (MAA00018). A separate Appeal and reporting on the planning and management support to the National Societies in Middle East region can be found at the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) section of the International Federation's website.

Goal: North African network of Red Crescent Societies attained a level of capacity in the four core areas through provision of leadership and coordination; and built the capacity to enable the National Societies to deliver efficient, responsive and focused programmes and services, meeting the needs of their vulnerable communities.

Needs: Total 2006-2007 budget CHF 6,120,459 (USD 5,474,471 or EUR 3,709,369) (out of which 73 per cent covered).

The implementation rate of the health and care programme is 72 per cent. The figure for disaster management is 94, while the Principles and Values, capacity development and coordination and cooperation stand at 100 per cent. The overall implementation rate of all the programmes is 96%; based on the received income.

Health and care and Principles and Values programmes were under-funded despite the efforts of the National Societies to scale up their activities in those core areas. Focus was particularly placed on health and migration (HIV/AIDS, community health and emerging diseases), as well as on communication and advocacy work to fight against discrimination and exclusion, and contribute to the promotion of human dignity, respect and diversity.