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Middle East and North Africa: Humanitarian Atlas (2018) [EN/AR]

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The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa (ROMENA) supports disaster response and preparedness activities in 20 countries by working closely with Humanitarian Coordinator’s (HC)/Resident Coordinator’s (RC) offices, OCHA Country Offices and Humanitarian Advisory Teams (HATs).

ROMENA provides direct, on-site and remote humanitarian response support to acute and protracted emergencies, fosters close partnerships with regional entities and works on response readiness with RC offices and governments.

As part of OCHA’s mandate, ROMENA, in close collaboration with its national and regional partners, gathers and compiles humanitarian data, and develops regional humanitarian information products to provide regular and updated overviews of humanitarian emergencies in the region, and analysis of related underlying causes. Some of these products include thematic snapshots, funding overviews, reference and thematic maps and development and updating of the Common Operational Datasets (CODs) for 20 countries in the MENA region. Humanitarian and development partners in the region have widely used these information products and asked for more of such quality documents.

To further strengthen data sharing and management, ROMENA created a regional humanitarian ATLAS that is accessible to all partners. This ATLAS provides baseline information for countries in the MENA region and comparative analysis of their progress in relation to a selected number of key humanitarian and development indicators. Data in ATLAS relies on a wide variety of trusted sources, including official online websites/databases, National Governmental data, and information from OCHA’s country offices. ATLAS maps include regional maps illustrating data on selected indicators across multiple years, to provide a comparative analysis of the progress of individual countries, and country maps providing administrative boundaries, transportation and physical features of the country.

By providing high-quality and user-friendly information products and analyses, OCHA ROMENA significantly contributes to supporting evidence-based humanitarian decision-making in the region.

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