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MAP International Provides Aid for Victims and First Responders In Guatemala

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Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano erupted Sunday killing 99 people and causing thousands to lose their homes. More than 12,000 people have been evacuated. According to news reports, the entire village of El Rodeo was covered by a river of lava and boiling ash.

Georgia-based MAP International has provided medical relief supplies that are being used by first responders providing care for survivors. MAP's support includes MAP Disaster Health Kits, supplies for burn injuries, personal protective equipment such as masks, and more to victims of the volcano eruption.

MAP International Action To Date:

  • Disaster Health Kits (DHK) are being provided to people displaced from their homes. DHKs are designed to provide health supplies and other comfort items to aid a person living in a shelter for one week.

  • MAP is preparing a shipment of burn treatment supplies, personal protective equipment and safety gear including masks, and gloves, as well as additional items to help in the search and rescue process.

  • Wound dressing supplies placed by MAP with its partner, Vine International, were distributed to local firefighter/EMT units, which are currently deployed to aid stations at the disaster site. MAP contributions also include gloves, zinc oxide tape, sharps containers, and plastic bags for medicine.

  • Those wishing to donate to MAP's relief efforts are encouraged to visit ( ) .

Since 1954, MAP International has provided life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need. In 2017, MAP served 14.3 million people through its mission of providing medicines and health supplies and community health and development services in Africa and Latin America.

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