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World Renew and One Day’s Wages Take a Stand for Refugees

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World Renew
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MAY 25, 2018—World Renew is joining One Day’s Wages as it hosts an event in honor of World Refugee Day from 9:30 am to noon at Quest Church (1401 NW Leary Way, Seattle, WA 98107) on June 16, 2018. One Day’s Wages will match, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000 raised by World Renew for disaster programming with Rohinga refugees displaced in temporary camps in Bangladesh.

Attendees at the June 16 event will encounter the refugee experience through film, storytelling, and conversations with experts from World Renew and other organizations. The experience will include information on taking appropriate action, lessons in effective advocacy, and opportunities to resource refugee work in Syria, South Sudan, and Bangladesh.

Those in the Seattle area who wish to attend this event can find more information, directions, and tickets here.

Now through June 2018, World Renew aims to raise $50,000. When matched by One Day’s Wages, the $100,000 fund will provide 10 equipped community kitchens for use by Rohinga refugees in Jamtoli refugee camp. The camp of nearly 50,000 displaced people is located in southern Bangladesh between Rankine, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal.

These kitchens will include

· safe spaces for women to cook together and support each other.

· training in nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene.

· oil and spices for daily cooking needs.

The kitchens contain low-fuel-burning stoves that decrease the need for firewood, which is causing deforestation around the camp. In addition, the matched funds will provide cook stoves to another 225 households as well as training from World Renew in sanitation and hygiene practices for 500 households. As the monsoon season arrives in August and September, the camps will flood, causing water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery and making prevention an urgent task.

With a humanitarian presence in Bangladesh since 1972, World Renew most recently provided emergency food aid through April 2018 to displaced Rohinga families by collaborating with the World Food Programme through membership in the UK-based Integral Alliance. World Renew’s partnership with One Day’s Wages provides the cooking and hygiene support families need in a second phase of the response.

Since September 2017, more than 655,000 Rohinga have run from new incidents of violence, arson, and starvation. Rohinga people have flooded into southern Bangladesh, joining more than 200,000 already displaced in camps there, some for over 25 years.

Those who are unable to attend the World Refugee Day event at Quest Church and who want to donate financially towards World Renew’s work with Rohinga refugees in Bangladesh, click here.

If you would like to lead a fundraising campaign through the One Days Wages website, go [here] (!/donation/checkout?)

Learn more and donate today at

Watch a 1-minute video about World Renew’s partnership with One Day’s Wages here

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