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Albania: Financial assistance of four million dollars is handed to President Topi for the Gërdeci event on behalf of Kuwaiti State Emir and Red Crescent.

Govt. Albania
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The President of the Republic, Bamir Topi received today a senior delegation of the Kuwaiti State, headed by Ismail Al Shatti, Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Kuwaiti State and Burges Al Burges, the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, who handed to the Head of the Albanian state a financial contribution of four millions dollars for the consequences of the Gërdeci tragic event.

President Topi after welcoming and thanking for the great assistance and extraordinary human, psychological and economical solidarity expressed to those affected and consequences of the Gërdeci tragic event, pointed out that immediate measures have been taken to overcome the emergency situation and it is being worked to stabilize the situation and bring life back to its normal flow.

President Topi also praised the excellent relations existing between our two countries by expressing at the same time the gratitude for the invitation extended to him to visit Kuwait, which will take place at a suitable time.

Minister Ismail Al Shatti, on behalf of the Emir and entire Kuwaiti people expressed the sincere condolences and deep sorrow for the victims and those affected by the grave Gërdeci event by pointing out that our relations are very warm and brotherly and that friends in need are friends indeed.

After being handed the check of four millions dollars by the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, Burges Al Burges, President Topi publicly spoke in front of the media that were present: 'This, first of all means a lot to the Albanian people, to those affected by this tragedy, who will directly view the gesture.

Today I had the pleasure to meet the delegation from the friendly Kuwaiti State, with Mr. Minister, with Chairman Burges of the Red Crescent. This visit served also to express the sorrow and condolences to the families affected by the Gërdeci tragedy exactly by the Emir of Kuwait, who with a remarkable sensitivity, human solidarity, made another very appreciative gesture, by donating the check of financial assistance to aid the inhabitants touched by this tragedy, a sum which I am taking a look now, is of four million dollars.

We personally thank the Emir of Kuwait for this great sensitivity to aid the friendly Albanian people as you have already mentioned.

I thank you immensely and on behalf of all the inhabitants of the tragedy area, who are very grateful! Naturally this check is a clear indicator of that consolidated friendship existing between Albania and Kuwait - countries which besides an excellent tradition in relations, have upgraded remarkably the political dialogue on high levels and have open a new development perspective in all the fields.

As the rule requires, the Institution of the President will deposit the check to the account which has been specified and designated for the damaged area and will make public this splendid gesture coming from the Emir of Kuwait, by assuring that we will not only be grateful, but we will transform this aid to increase the sensitivity and respect for the Kuwaiti people, for the Kuwaiti Emir by promising that our relations will always be more intensive serving the interest of our countries and peace and security which our countries contribute to the institution in which we are part. Once again thank you very much!'