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Albania: President Topi visited the homeless victims of the Gërdec explosion who are sheltered at the holiday home of the Ministry of Interior in Durrës

Govt. Albania
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The President of the Republic, Bamir Topi accompanied by the deputy Prime Minister, Gazmend Oketa, the President of the Republican Party Assembly, Sabri Godo and by directing staff of the Institution of the President, paid a visit today to the Holiday Home of the Ministry of Interior where the victims of the tragic Gërdec explosion have been temporary sheltered.

President Topi, after being received by the Mayor of Durrës, Vangjel Dako, the Director of the Holiday Home, Mysli Shala, the parliamentarians of the area and local authorities, wholeheartedly met with a few homeless families by giving them courage and assuring them about the full support from the Institution of the President and about the maximal attention of all the state structures and easing this grave situation.

During a brief communication with the homeless inhabitants affected by the Gërdec explosion, the Head of state stressed: 'With Mr. Oketa, with Mr. Ndoka, with the deputy Xhaferri, with all the personalities of local government here in Durrës, we are here to offer you the latest information regarding the organizing of the work and it will be a rapid work. This information I received from the Mayor of Vora during a meeting there. There are ten commission which have been founded by people of the government and specialists who will evidence all the damages. It will be a rapid process, it will not be a procrastinated one, the damages will be evidenced and there would be drafted a plan of emergency intervention so you can return as soon as possible to your quarters. During this period it is the most important to overcome the emergency period, to offer help to the wounded and you know fully well that the Albanian state in cooperation with the neighboring countries has sent the gravely wounded to very specialized clinics and we hope that everything would be return to normality. The operations are underway for those who are still missing. You have found shelter here temporary, but we very soon we'll make possible through organizing all the state structures, of the government and local government, of the aid coming from the business community, of the aid coming from abroad, that you will be accommodated as soon as possible. The entire state, the whole society is up and running to come to your rescue and this aid must be direct, must be moral, economic, psychological, so we must be calm because everything will return to normal. I came here to directly communicate with you and to offer guarantee, to encourage you, to offer moral support together with the other colleagues during this difficult situation. You have already passed the first horror. I assure you that the society and the state are with you. These are full guaranties coming to you from all the state structures and the government. I am glad we met! I wish you health, to you, to your families and children and we are convinced that such situations will not be repeated. All the best!'

At the conclusion of his visit, President Topi answered to the inquiry of the media by stating: 'We have a natural human communication with all the inhabitants sheltered in the premises of the holiday Home. I am coming here after the meeting that you also followed at the Municipality of Vora. Today started the work ten commissions that will operate in various fields but it is very important for the normality to return from all the possible viewpoints. So the victims to be accommodated, to find the missing people through a very dedicated search and naturally life will continue and the people are trying to be at their homes as soon as possible. It is evident that many quarters are damaged, are destroyed, a part of them needs repair, so the work is being done to evidence the damage, in order to have a real preventive and from the entire information that we have from the state and government and local government structures, the intervention will be emergent and rapid to return to normality and to alienate from this psychological shock and I am convinced that the whole society is showing solidarity to overcome these moments.

Question: Anything concrete to offer to these inhabitants?

President Topi: The concrete thing is this that today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, so it will be a rapid process, to evidence the damages, to make the preventive and the assistance will be immediate. The responsibility then falls on the specific institutions which will deal with this and it cannot be revealed today.

Question: Are such factories permitted...

President Topi: I cannot not enhance this communication, because I came with a certain objective, but I can assure you that the transparency will be complete for everything.